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Every Veteran deserves a lifestyle and better treatment than is currently available. Every Veteran should be able to successfully attain their rights to pensions.

Yet we still receive veterans unaware of their rights, what they may be entitled to, and where and how to apply or enter a claim.

Through your Will, you have the power to help us achieve our goals. Help surviving veterans, and those that follow them, to receive their true entitlements.

Through your Will you have the power to make a difference. Any gift you bequest to our Association, no matter how large or small, will assist a fellow veteran.

Vietnam Veterans Federation NSW Branch HQ, Granville.



To maintain centres of excellence, throughout Australia, providing cost free quality advice and assistance to War Veterans, Peacekeepers and Peacemakers, and all current and former members of the Australian Defence Force, and their families.



We represent former, as well as, current members of the defence force, and their families.

We represent veterans of all conflicts from World War II to Afghanistan, including Peacekeeping and Peacemaking Missions. We also assist War Widows and Widowers.

We have many years experience helping with claims in all of the Military Compensation schemes, with fully trained 'TIP' qualified Pensions officers.

If your initial claim has been unreasonably rejected we have experienced Advocates to prepare and present an appeal to the Veterans Review Board.

Should an appeal to the Veterans Review Board be unsuccessful we can, for entitled veterans, arrange legal representation and legal aid for Administrative Appeals Tribunal hearings.

We offer assistance to families of veterans including War-Widows.

Our qualified Pensions Officers and Advocates are situated throughout Australia, near most major centres, and our Outreach Programs reach most remote areas.


Neither is there any obligation to join our Federation although you would be welcome to do so.


Contacts: (See also our full Branch listings).

NSW Branch: 02 9682 1788 Email: secretary@vvfagranville.org. Newcastle Br.: 02 4951 2666 Email: nclvets@bigpond.net.au .

Qld (Nerang): 07 5578 2233 Email: secretary@vvfqld.com Townsville: 07 4772 4655 Email: vethelp@bigpond.com .

ACT Branch: 02 6255 1599 Email: vvfact@vvfact.org.au . Vic Branch: 03 5248 0996 Email: bestav17@bigpond.com .

SA Branch: 08 8296 2411 Email: vvfsa@tpg.com.au . WA Branch: 08 9409 6682 Email: vvppwabranch@iprimus.com.au .


The Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia (VVFA) and its affiliated partners Vietnam Veterans Peacekeepers & Peacemakers Association of Australia (VVPPAA) is dedicated to the welfare of ALL service and ex-service personnel and their families. We have no other aim. Our organisation is made up of volunteers who chose to help veterans in need. If you are a sick veteran, and you suspect your sickness may have been caused by your war service, we invite you to consult one of our trained volunteers who man our Branches and Sub-Branches throughout all States of Australia.

We rely upon continued membership and your valued donations to keep our offices doors open throughout Australia. Many of our offices have regular fund raising events and/or raffles, so why not attend and give your support where you can. .......READ MORE

If you want to know how and why the Vietnam Veteran Federation and its affiliates began go HERE


Confused about this organisation and other Vietnam Veterans associations ?

The best explanation is that we are the VIETNAM VETERANS FEDERATION of AUSTRALIA INC. We have branches in all States of Australia and the ACT. Our New South Wales branch, located at Granville, is also the Federations Head Office, and is incorporated as the VIETNAM VETERANS PEACEKEEPERS & PEACEMAKERS ASSOCIATION of AUSTRALIA (NSW BRANCH) Inc.

We have no affiliation with the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia incorporated in Victoria. The St. Mary's Outpost is not part of our Federation. Several years ago we disaffiliated from this body and formed our own FEDERATION, and we were joined shortly thereafter by other States unhappy with the National Council of the VVAA.


This website is owned and produced by the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia Inc., (VVFA)and the Vietnam Veterans Peacekeepers & Peacemakers Association of Australia (NSW Branch) Inc. Both organisations have no affiliations with, nor owned by, or in partnership with, the Department of Veterans Affairs of Australia, the Department of Defence Australia - Army, Navy, or Air Force components, their agencies or publishers. We have no affiliation with the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia Incorporated in Victoria its Sub-Branches, or its Outposts. A full listing of Federation Branches, Sub-Branches, and Zone Representatives can be found on our "Branches" page.


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The website will, from time to time, contain material that may offend some visitors due to circumstances and necessity to inform the veteran community of instances of regulation changes at law, and by way of seeking detailed descriptions of war-like incidents. The owners of this website remain non-political, but express the requirement to report any instances, by any Government of Australia, irrespective of party alliances, where such instances reflect upon the veteran community.


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