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Membership to our organisation empowers a team to achieve much within the veteran community, by assisting veterans with claims and applications on a wide spectrum of government provided avenues of compensation and benefits across 3 Acts of parliament.

Each as an individual is ineffective when lobbying governments for change, or to amend an injustice. Together as an organisation, with a strong membership we are able to, and have done, improve pathways for better treatment of veterans.

We survive as an organisation on the strength of our membership, and even if you have won the battle with Veterans Affairs (DVA), there is always the risk of changes in Government policy which may erode benefits and pensions or changes to eligibility entitlements.

We encourage membership from all who support our objectives, veterans, service and ex-service members, as well as war-widows and their families. You don't have to be a member or ex-member of the Australian Defence Forces (ADF). In most instances, anyone may join our organisation, with few exceptions, so why not enquire today.

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To maintain centres of excellence, throughout New South Wales, providing cost free quality advice and assistance to War Veterans, Peacekeepers and Peacemakers, and all current and former members of the Australian Defence Force, and their families.


We represent former, as well as, current members of the defence force, and their families.

We represent veterans of all conflicts from World War II to Afghanistan, including Peacekeeping and Peacemaking Missions. We also assist War Widows and Widowers.

We have many years experience helping with claims in all of the Military Compensation schemes, with fully trained 'TIP' qualified Pensions officers.

If your initial claim has been unreasonably rejected we have experienced Advocates to prepare and present an appeal to the Veterans Review Board.

Should an appeal to the Veterans Review Board be unsuccessful we can, for entitled veterans, arrange legal representation and legal aid for Administrative Appeals Tribunal hearings.

We offer assistance to families of veterans including War-Widows.

Our TIP qualified Advocates, Pensions Officers, and Welfare officers, are situated throughout New South Wales, near most major centres, and our Outreach Programs reach most remote areas.

All services are provided totally free of any charges, or expense to our clients.

Neither is there any obligation to join our Federation although you would be welcome to do so.


We rely on several resources that keep our doors open and accessible to those who serve or have served in defence of Australia. As well as vital donations and government grants, we rely heavily on a strong membership base and valued volunteers to man our offices scattered throughout Australia in State and Territory Head Offices, and Sub-Branches within each State.

Membership fees enable us to achieve our goals, and is why we encourage your support by becoming a member at a local Sub-Branch, or by joining your respective State or Territory Head Office directly. All funds so raised are utilised fully to support a fellow veteran or soldier with assistance through our qualified Advocates and Pensions Officers. In some instances you don't have to be an ADF serving or ex-service individual,to join, and is subject to the policies and constitutions of each of our offices.

However, you will be welcomed in whatever way you chose to bring your support to our organisation. By volunteering, by donating, or by joining, your support for our troops and veterans will be recognised.


Every Veteran deserves a lifestyle and better treatment than is currently available. Every Veteran should be able to successfully attain their rights to pensions.

Yet we still receive veterans unaware of their rights, what they may be entitled to, and where and how to apply or enter a claim.

Through your Will, you have the power to help us achieve our goals. Help surviving veterans, and those that follow them, to receive their true entitlements.

Through your Will you have the power to make a difference. Any gift you bequest to our Association, no matter how large or small, will assist a fellow veteran.

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