Vietnam Veterans, Peacekeepers & Peacemakers Association of Australia (NSW Branch) Inc.

Affiliated with the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia


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When sending Cheques or Money Orders

make payable to


Address all mail to

Admin. PO Box 170, Granville NSW 2142


Products include items that are Vietnam Veterans', Peacekeepers & Peacmakers Association of Australia (NSW Branch) Inc.,(VVPPAA NSW), badged and designed, but not restricted, for NSW members and families. , and supporters.

To satisfy members interstate and globally, some items are branded with our logo of (The)Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia Inc., (VVFA), again, designed for unresticted members and supporters.

Certain information regarding payment, Paypal, phone orders and our policies and practises, can be found elsewhere on this page. Some products require further information, such as 'NumberPlate Surrounds', and 'Stickers'. in such instances always contact HQ Granville for advice. (02) 9682 1788

You can help us by making a donation, purchasing raffle tickets, and by buying some of the merchandise we have on offer from NSW, through State Branch Granville, one of our Interstate Branches, or any of our Sub-Branches, as well as, by direct order from our website.

Although some of the heavier and bulkier items may incur a delivery fee when posted from our Granville HQ we will keep this cost to a minimum wherever possible. Usually, this will be $5.00 per order with the exception of the Number Plate Surrounds (item 1116) - for eg. (See Below).When ordering from the website your delivery fee will be calculated at checkout, so no surprises there.


To review a full products list without visiting the shop site you can view the list or download and print a copy, HERE.

Care is to be taken when ordering some items, such as Number Plate Surrounds.

As well as being available in 1 size only, and require additional packageing for mailing purposes, the surrounds should be treated with care to avoid dissapointment.

More so now that we have decided to cut the Number Plate Surrounds once remaining stocks are all sold.

When applying the stickers, once in place, they must be pushed hard against the surface to activate the glue. Do not simply place them on the surface without pushing down hard, as they will not adhere firmly to the surface. Technically speaking, at least 6kg of force is required along the total sticker surface to ensure it adheres firmly. Try pressing your hand on a set of scales to measure and get the feel for 6kg of pressure. That's about 13 ¼ pounds for those with older scales.



We strive to supply product in good order. However, if you receive a faulty or damaged item we will replace it unconditionally at all times except for runout lines, in which case a refund or alternative stock will be offered. If you suspect your product has been damaged in transit, please try to submit photographic evidence with your return of goods, and claim.

Remember, when contacting our Admin office, please leave your name and a contact phone number so we can respond to your need as soon as possible. You, our client, are a valued commodity and we will endeavor to satisfy your demands responsibly.


NSW State Branch recently added the acronym "VVPPAA NSW" to its business registration to facilitate easier forms, cheques, and money orders completion. This became necessary as financial institutes introduced measures to secure correct pathways of moneys transferred to accounts, in light of the recent review of banking and the financial institutions. You may now use the acronym on cheques and money orders, as well as for all mail intended for head office, NSW Branch. Simply write "VVPPAA NSW" on your 'payee' line on cheques and money orders.


Orders may be made directly through this website, anytime, by clicking on the ‘Shop’ button, or by phone direct to any of our Branches and Sub-branches offices during normal business hours. Or, by using our downloadable Mail Order Form. Naturally, due to their fund-raising necessities at other branch offices, pricing may vary to that available on-line or directly through our Granville office. However, in all instances, efforts will be made to honour advertised prices.

The downloadable order form is only available from our newsletters now due to website abuse.



When contacting Head Office Granville about merchandise please ensure that our representative records your name and contact details accurately. Enquiries in writing should be addressed to Admin. VVPPAA NSW, PO Box 170, Granville NSW 2142

General phoned enquiries to the office about pricing or delivery and order confirmation can be referred directly to our Admin Manager during normal business hours. Emailed enquiries can be sent to accounts@vvfagranville.org, and should inlcude a contact phone number.


Although we take great care in providing goods at the advertised price we are not responsible for changes to prices between our Newsletter publication dates and those on offer via the website portal. Indeed, there may be a difference from time to time between those published and actual pick-up or walk in purchases which may save you money.

Any and all discrepancies will be attended to at the time of your order placement/purchase, and we will endeavor to satisfy any claim to the advantage of the purchaser, if at all possible.

Due to time constraints we may not be in a position to amend pricing when offering specials. However, we guarantee that if this should occur we will always revert to the lower price while such specials are available and ex-stock.


We have recently added the facility of PayPal services to our website to assist in real time payment options for our clients, in a secure platform. Those not familiar with this process may rest assured that our web service provider, and PayPal, are inclusive of best practices when transferring funds.

The PayPal service is provided by PayPal Australia Pty Limited (ABN 93 111 195 389) which holds Australian Financial Services Licence number 304962

PayPal takes away the buyer’s pain by ensuring online security. When you check out with PayPal, they pay the seller themselves, sometimes even before drawing funds from your account, so your financial details stay encrypted and protected.

PCI compliance: You don’t need to meet payment card security standards (PCI compliance) when PayPal process payments for you. We won’t even see your card details. Check out more at PayPal’s website.